China GPS bracelets

About 12,000 elderly Chinese people suffering from problems such as dementia will get free Global Positioning System-enabled bracelets that would help prevent them from getting lost.

The bracelets with the GPS facility will be given to older adults who have cognitive problems, Wang Ning, deputy mayor of Beijing said.

In Pakistan, we are still technologically illiterate; we don’t have such facilities which are the devices and gadgets of this decade. Even safety wise we don’t have instruments for the children and elders which are always vulnerable. We don’tĀ understand where is government sleeping? We don’tĀ find any policy in making this nation technologically modern.

By installing an app on their smartphones, children of the seniors can locate their parents. The older adults can also make emergency calls with the bracelets, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

It’s high time that we implement such things in Pakistan, we are the country which is fighting health and security issues. These types of gadgets help in creating safe and secure society.

According to a survey by the Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute and a leading news platform Toutiao, 1,370 senior citizens go missing every day, with an average age of 76. Measures are taken to Beijing to help the seniors.

According to the deputy mayor, they are also installing emergency call devices and smoke detectors for older adults living alone. By the end of November, the equipment will be given to at least 5,800 households.


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