Om Puri labelled as traitor for defending Pakistan

Be ready to receive the label of a traitor if you want to be a promoter of peace in the real sense, the fact seems to be well evident from the life of veteran actor Om Puri who has left a void in the world of art after his death.

There is no doubt that comrades on both sides of the border who fight for peace are often deemed as unpatriotic and agents of the enemy country. After the Uri attack worsening state of relationships between India and Pakistan came up with a ban on Pakistani artists in India.

At this point, Om Puri took a firm stand and for the Pakistani artists and fought the Indian media who was already fueling the anti-Pakistan sentiments among its people. The man didn’t fear to slam the act of picking a rifle and shooting a person even if it is done by the Army. He also expressed his concerns that rising tensions between India and Pakistan would take them to the level of Israel and Palestine.

The man always encouraged the Pakistani actors and film industry. There is no doubt he supported the art and culture in the country on many occasions, but this never meant that man was least patriotic or he didn’t like his home country. Unfortunately, as happens in other such cases Om Puri also had to tolerate the tag of traitor for him.

Even in Pakistan, if someone favors the Indian actors or praises anything from the neighboring country too much he is immediately declared as an enemy of the homeland. The people like Om Puri are indeed much brave and courageous as they don’t fear to speak against the stereotypes that are prevalent in our society and cause enormous damage to it affecting its members. As a result of his bold stance on the issue of ban on Pakistani actors, Om Puri spoke fiercely and came out in a robust defense of the Pakistan. The man had to face the sedition charges, a likely outcome of such cases.


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