I’m extremely cautious of the way I dress, and I make sure I have the perfect outfit for any event I’m going to attend. OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day, and in our series of OOTD posts I have decided to write weekly posts about an outfit, whether my own, or someone else’s who I think is dressed well and the attire is easy for other girls to copy in order to make a style statement.

My very first outfit blog post will be focused on the colour red – sassy, classy, and definitely a colour every girl loves. Sometimes its hard to mix and match red shirts with the perfect colour of pants, or maybe red lipsticks don’t look great with EVERY shirt you wear… so really, girls, stop wearing red as an every day lipstick for yourself, (unless you look really hot) and make red as your special evening wear lipstick.

The outfit I’m writing about today is really simple, here’s a full picture of me:



I made sure to match my red shirt with blood red lips. Simple blue jeans, a black bag & black shoes. How hard is it to pull off such a simple outfit? Not that hard right? You just need to know the right things to match together. So here’s my first fashion tip that I abide by with complete honesty: if your shoes and bag match, your outfit automatically shines out!

Outfit details:

Red shirt: Zara

Blue jeans: Forever 21

Black shoes: H&M

Black bag: Aldo

Glasses: Aldo

My makeup for the day:

Makeup of the day

It was for a casual evening we were spending at a relative’s place, so I decided to wear red lipstick. But I always make sure if I’m wearing a dark lipstick, I keep my makeup over all (especially on my eyes) extremely natural.

I used my Tarte palette, which is a summer essential for me, to do my makeup. I used the bronzer, blush, highlight and even the eye shadows from it! Its my go-to palette for a light and fast makeup look. Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac and mascara to enhance my eyes was the final step, and then I was good to go!



  1. There’s an app named ‘Pinterest’. Good combinations are over there too. Btw, you look good in red. Try to wear yellow. You’ll look perfect in that color.


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