Metro in lahore

There is a good news for Lahori, Orange line Metro train is soon to be inaugurated in January of 2018.

Package one has been 83.7%, Package two 52%, package three 75.3%, and package four 71.7% completed. The total project has been completed up to 70% which will allow Orange train to be open to the public from January next year.

Train’s parts and tracks would also be here during the passing month.

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Punjab, Khawaja Ahmed Hasan in which the overall progress of the Orange line train project was discussed. Issues Related VASA, LESCO and other utilities were also reviewed in this meeting.

Khawaja Ahmed Hasan while instructing to accelerate the speed of the project, asked to reduce soil level during the monsoon season.

He also asked to increase the workforce on package two and inform the concerned department about it. He directed that until 31 July any two packages should be completed. At the end of the meeting, Khawaja Ahmed was given a portrait and model of Orange line train by the Chinese Engineer.

IT was told during the meeting that the project would be completed by December this year,and the booths and engines of the train will reach here during this month (July).

It was also decided in the meeting to set up a two-day training program to increase the work efficiency during the month of monsoon and chief engineer Saif-Ul-Rehman was appointed the focal person of this program.


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