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On Friday, Royal Dutch Shell was¬†ordered to pay over RS 257 million penalties by Pakistan’s oil and gas regulator (Orga) to make up for the tanker explosion which took over 200 lives in Bahawalpur.

Shell Pakistan was held responsible for the blast which happened after a tanker carrying gasoline slipped and rolled over and the villagers came rushing to collect the leaking oil

According to Orga, the road accident was caused by careless driving and vehicle being lesser than the required specs.

A spokesperson from Orga told the press that Shell totally ignored the safety standards which are fixed by the contractors for the vehicle.

Shell couldn’t reach out immediately, but later they gave a statement saying that road safety is a must for them and none of their vehicles go on the road without regular maintenance and checks.

After the incident which killed over 200 people, Shell Pakistan was ordered to pay a penalty of 10 million rupees by the energy regulator. They also ordered them to pay another one and a half million rupees to the families of the victims of this tragic incident.

It was also ordered to the company to upgrade their infrastructure to match the standards.

A letter was sent to Shell Pakistan by Orga, but they didn’t reply back. They have a right to appeal against the penalty if they wish to do that.



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