ORLY introduces “Halal nail polishes”



A makeup brand known as Orly’s has recently come up with a brilliant idea of making “Halal nail polishes”. These halal nail polishes are made for and by Muslim Women to make it easier for them to enjoy fashion and practice their faith at the same time.

Very few American brands targets and caters to the practicing Muslim men and women. ORLY’S new collection is Halal certified which means it was created according to the laws of Sharia. Many Muslims don’t wear nail polishes as it obstructs their prayer practices; it creates a barrier between the water and skin thus interfering with ritual ablutions.

Orly worked with Muslim women to create breathable polishes which allow air and moisture to pass through.These Halal nail polishes have been given fun names like “Haram-Bae” and “what the Fatima”.

Although these nail polishes were made for and by Muslim Women, anyone can wear them.  Halal nail polish represents the need for diversity and inclusion.

There are millions of Muslim women around the world, particularly in the United States who are strong, confident, educated and making a difference in the world. These Halal nail polishes are the brand’s tribute to all those women of faith.


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