Oscars 2017

89th Academy Awards were on their way on Sunday night when a blooper hit the show giving social media users a fresh content to mock about.

Remember Steve Harvey’s announcement about wrong Miss Universe 2015? Yes, the same event saw an action replay on the ceremony of Oscars Awards where LaLa Land was announced as the best picture, but it was the Moonlight an actual.

The mistake was realized after entire crew of LaLa Land was on to the stage for and delivering an acceptance speech. The incident marked a second facepalm moment for Emma Stone who won a Golden Globe for the best actress but was trolled for a hug gone wrong in excitement.

Although, Emma has one the Oscar for the best actress her reappearance on stage as a result of the false announcement along with her teammates gave Twitter users a chance to laugh at her expense.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the massive blooper on Oscars evening.

The first reaction came from the Miss Universe, and a series began

How our Bik Gayi Gormint Aunty could have taken a backseat at such a moment.

But unexpected results of US Elections echoed once again as a regret.

And this reaction

Criticizers didn’t remain out of the scene to bash all this episode for merely being a drama meant for ratings.

But this was the best reaction after your wish “No; Its a lie” comes true.


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