It was November, 29 of the last year, when SRK was invited by the principal of the Oxford University to talk to the students.

To much excitement for the fans of the superstar, he has now accepted the invitation and will soon deliver a lecture in the prestigious university.

Earlier, when Shah Rukh Khan was not invited by the Oscar Academy, his fans went devastated; so this news for sure will light up their faces.

Khan to be delivering a speech in any university, is not anything that would happen for the first time.

Before, he had also been invited by the University of Edinburgh and Yales, to address the students.

It is not hidden from anyone that the actor has got the great oratory skills with amazing wit and humour.

He clearly knows the art of entertaining and attracting the audience with the magic of his words.

Though it would be interesting, that what the star will deliver before the students and scholars of the university of such high strature.

The recent TED Talk of SRK also got appreciated widely and he always talks about humanity, love and kindness.

When Khan was asked about his speech at the Oxford university, he said that, he always loves to talk.

Though Shah Rukh is busy shooting his one movie and promoting the other but he will manage to write his own speech.

“I love to talk and I don’t like anyone to write for me. It takes time for me, to sit and write but it has to be done by me,” Shah Rukh Khan said.

Whether, his words will tell the tale of his success and inspire the audience; or he will charm them by delivering something exceptional, is yet to explore.


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