Oye Kuch Kar Guzar Movie Trailer

There has already been a huge buzz about Pakistan’s first online movie, Oye!! Kuch Kar Guzar. Still very few people know the actual impact of this first Pakistani online film on entertainment, the digital environment of Pakistan and most important the youth of Pakistan.

Oye!! Kuch Kar Guzar is a project of djuice, the Pakistan’s only youth-oriented brand, in partnership with Youtube. The very first thing that makes it youth friendly is its story that centres around the problems, adventures and challenges faced by the young people of Pakistan and presents them in a very light way.

The best about this movie is that it provides a complete user control over steering and navigating as the movie is released in mini episodes.

While talking in the event of film’s screening in Karachi, Bilal Kazmi Chief Marketing Officer Djuice said, “It is the first time that a Pakistani brand has created this sort of digital content for youth to inspire and motivate them into facing their true selves. This relatively newer genre will enable viewers to direct the story according to their whims. We believe that the internet has a massive potential to serve a digital entertainment resource. Djuice has set a precedent and will continue to create special online content in the future.”

The screening event of Oye!! Kuch Kar Guzar was held in Karachi, and it was arranged by the Fareiha Altaf’s Catwalk. Film’s digital work was monitored by the OMD Global while humour, fun and creativity were credited to Mangobaaz.

The film itself is a new genre, released in mini episodes; it allows the viewer to move ahead and steer according to his choice. Simply, the viewer has greater control to take the story in a direction he wants. The first release event made it evident that story is worth relatable to the life of youth and also entertaining at the same times.

Haris Rasheed, the director of Oye!! Kuch kar Guzar has made his film a complete package by synchronising the humour with requirements of this digital world. So, just subscribe to the dijuice’s Youtube Channel and get exposed to an unlimited world of fun.


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