painting peaches

Health issues and various illnesses are extremely common in Pakistan these days, and often our elders blame the junk food we eat and tell us that we need to avoid fizzy drinks.

However, after several scandals, it is now of common information that even the food we once used to deem “healthy” is no longer healthy for us. Fruits are considered as one of the healthiest foods to ingest, but Pakistani street fruit sellers are proving it otherwise for us. A video recently has been leaked which shows street fruit sellers painting peaches by dipping them in red dyes in order to depict as if those peaches are ripe.

This year in Spring, a similar scandal of painting green and unripened strawberries also came forth as street fruit sellers were painting them red and selling them as sweet ripened straw berries.

Painting peaches and other fruits was perhaps not enough unhealthy food to mislead customers with, as big brands such as previously Walls and Omore were also misleading their customers by claiming they were selling ice cream, although they were selling frozen desserts made of vegetable oil solely.

Customers need to beware of such fruit vendors, and ensure that they check the fruit properly before they buy it. Several illnesses and health diseases can be caused due to the unhygienic methods of painting they use to paint fruits and vegetables. It is hardly possible for common man to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy anymore.




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