Beaches of Pakistan

Pakistan has mighty mountains and fertile plains. We have the deserts, and we have the meadows. What don’t we have? Beaches?? Yes, we have plenty of them, and here we present the beautiful and refreshing beaches of Pakistan.

1. Clifton Beach – Karachi

Most of you have visited this one or have heard about. This comes at first number apparently with sceneries of camel riding, travelling on lit up buggies and eating corn side by side.

2. Hawke’s Bay – Karachi

This is one of less crowded beaches of Karachi. Due to this, water pollution is quite less here, and clear water is seen all around. Huts for rent are available at Hawke’s Bay beach which can be used to spend a whole day with family members.

3. Gadani Beach – Balochistan

This beach lies on the Arabian Sea and Gadani ship breaking yard is also on this beach. This ship breaking yard is categorised as one of the world’s largest breaking yard.

4. Gwadar Beach – Balochistan

Also known as fishing heaven of Pakistan. This beach lies towards the west of Karachi at a distance of 700 kilometres. The famous Gwadar Port is built on this beach, and after CPEC we will-will see this beach and city ahead of Dubai.

5. Sonmiani Beach – Balochistan

Sonmiani is a small village where people go for fishing. It is located towards North west of Karachi. Local residents earn by catching fish and selling it in the fish season. Travel addicts should visit this place to explore many new things. This is a perfect place for yoga lovers and persons needing seclusion away from the metropolitan Karachi.

6. French Beach – Karachi

This beautiful beach is between Paradise Point and Hawkes Bay. The best moments at this beach can be enjoyed during monsoon season where you can do surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

7. Astola Beach – Balochistan

This is ranked as the Pakistan’s largest offshore island. It is at a 5-hour distance from Pasni.

8. Manora Island – Karachi

This is a small peninsula located in the south of Karachi Port. The area which connects Manora to the mainland is called as Sandspit which is a 12 km long embankment. Once you visit there, do not miss the Light house which is 91 feet high.

9. Cape Mount – Karachi

This beach is near to Gadani Beach and Hub River on the premises of Karachi. Cape Mount is characterised by an ancient light house which was built by British in 1914.

10. Nathiagali Beach – Karachi

This is a restricted area located at the end of Karachi’s coastline. Only a strong link with armed forces or some high-rank officer can make you visit this point. People are only allowed to go once advance booking is made. If you manage to visit this beautiful point, you will be stunned by its ravishing beauty and clean water. Offshore there are some graves of Arabs Generals who visited this place thousands of years ago. A lighthouse by the name of Cape Monze lighthouse is a distinct feature of this beach.

11. Paradise Point – Karachi

Over the centuries, the water at Paradise Point has pounded the cliff forming an arch. It can be approached only when the water is flat. The natural arch is worth seeing, and the beach also has some seaside restaurants and camel rides.

12. Devil’s Point – Karachi

Again a secluded point where you can relax away from the busy routine of Karachi.

13. Kund Malir Beach – Balochistan

It’s a desert beach, which will leave a marvellous impact on you. It is situated near hangol, 145 km from zero point on makran coastal highway.

14. Jiwani Beach – Balochistan

It is next to katagar. The beautiful scenic view of sunset will be driving you crazy.

15. Lasbela – Balochistan

Lasbela is a coastal district of Balochistan. Hashmi beach is a treat to watch.

16. Pasni beach – Balochistan

You can do camping here. Its destined fish harbor in Balochistan.

17. Ormara – Balochistan

Outskirts of ormara always attracts visitors. The turtle-beach mesmerizes the tourists.

18. West-Bay Beach – Balochistan

This clear blue water beach is near Gawadar.

19. Tahsil Gawadar – Balochistan

This point is ideal for camping, it also has some huts. You can enjoy week-long vacations here.

20. Sandspit Beach – Karachi

Sandspit Beach is located in West Karachi. It is one of the most famous tourist spots. The sea located at Sandspit is very quiet and calm from October until March every year. However, it is very rough during monsoon.  A large variety of crabs and marine algae are found on the beach. Here the water is shallow. The beach is ideal for Sunbathing. It has unusual rocky formation


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