Pakistan expected to celebrate Eid on the same day

celebrate Eid

It has been reported that Mufti Popalzai of the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee has been missing for 2 days now.

According to his family, 2 days ago he went for a conventional meeting, however, did not return home after it. This even worried the family greatly. However, not only has Mufti Popalzai disappeared but his deputy Maulana Khair ul Bashr is also missing. Several different rumors have been spread, however, none of them is true. Some said both of them have gone to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, but Mufti Popalzai’s brother on Itekaf confirmed that he is very much still in Peshawar. Some said that perhaps the police had arrested them, but after getting in contact with the Peshawar Police, they have said that no such arrest was made.

There is another meeting at Qasim Ali Khan Masjid today, and everyone expects to see Mufti Popazai and Maulana Khair ul Bashr there. Then the final meeting of the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee for the sighting of the moon is to be held tomorrow evening, however, if Mufti Popalzai fails to make it there on the final meeting, it is expected that Pakistan will celebrate Eid on the same day across the nation.

Some say that perhaps Mufti Popalzai has indeed been arrested by the police, or taken in by some agency to avoid double Eid this year in Pakistan. He is famous for allowing two Eids in Pakistan, however, this year, everyone might celebrate Eid on the same day now. We are waiting for further updates.

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