Pakistan’s firstever superhero on its way to cinemas; Who is he?


Roots of the Superhero concept in movies is related to the fact that every culture just loves the hero worshiping. Unfortunately, Pakistani kids have always felt deprived in this regard as they don’t have any iconic superhero whom to idealize in a real moral sense.

Pakistani veteran director Rashid Sami who has been on the field for 30 decades has decided to fill this vacuum by featuring story character of Hatim Tai, Tribune reported.

The film that would be an action and animated one bears the title “Hatim Tai and Churail. While talking to the media outlet, he said, “Hatim Tai is someone we all loved as children. There is a nostalgic value attached to it and it is a great story.”

“To depict the fantasy world of Hatim Tai, we shot in Baltistan. Most of the film takes place in the fantasy world because we wanted to take children on a believable journey. I would say it will have a Harry Potter feel to it,” he further added. The animated film is still in the process of production, and it would release in the July 2017.

Love for superheroes among Pakistani children

There is no doubt that fantasies attract people of all the ages. Our kids have always admired the superheroes that western media has provided. The animated characters like superman, spiderman and Doraemon have captivated our children in enchantment. The Herry Potter still serves as an ideal personality and makes kids wish they had unlimited powers of that man but still they want to have a character to follow who have emerged from the very eastern soil.

Who can serve as Superhero for Kids

There is no doubt that our fiction for children is rich with regards to supply of idealistic characters. Ali Baba, Umero Ayaar, Hatim Tai and even Imran of the Imran series have recieved tremendous acceptance from the youth, but in the present time of electronic media, all these characters have never accessed the big screen.


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