Bomb blasts in Pakistan

Pakistan is hit by the recent wave of terrorism that took away lives of at least 120 people while leaving several injured. The country experienced at least seven bomb blasts across its length and breadth within seven days.

The terrorist attacks started from Lahore, Punjab and victimized all the provinces including FATA, Balochistan, KPK, and Sindh. Jamat Ul Ahraar, a splinter group of TTP, took responsibility for most of these attacks.

13 February: Extremist groups started their activities from the Lahore blast at Mall road in a protest and targeted the senior Police officials who were there to negotiate with protestors. At least 13 people died along with DIG Traffic Police Capt (Retd) Syed Moin Ahmed and SSP Zahid Gondal while many injured.

Police officials died in Lahore Blast

13 February: On the same day two senior official of bomb disposal squad died and more than ten injured while defusing a bomb in Quetta. The bomb was placed near Karachi stop on Sariab Road. 36 years old Commander Abdul Razzaq who defused 600 bombs during two decades of his service also died in the incident.

Commandar Abdul Razzaq died while defusing bomb

15 February: Five people including three Lavies personnel were killed in a suicide attack in Mohmand Agency’s Tehsil Ghalanai. The attack also left at least eight people injured.  Two suicide bombers tried to enter in the office of political administration. One blew himself up at the entrance while other was shot dead by Lavies.

15 February: Another horrific incident happened when a suicide bomber blew himself in Peshawar’s Hayatabad area resulting in the death of 2 people while injuring more than dozen people.

16 February:

The deadliest attack of this series took place at the Shrine of Hazrat Lal Shehbaz Qalandar in Sehwan, Sindh. At least 80 people died while more than 150 injured as a suicide bomber blew himself in the courtyard of shrine right between the crowd. Sehwan incident was the most lethal of all these blasts.

Dhamaal by Sheema Kermani
Sheema Karmani dancing at shrine in of Laal Shehbaz Qalandar to show solidarity


21 February: Terrorists once again targetted the government with the help of attack by multiple suicide bombers. The attack killed seven people while injured at least 20 people in Charsadda’s Tehsil Tangi. Timely action of Police curbed the other attackers otherwise havoc could have been massive.

23 February: The latest incident of brutality happened in Defence Lahore, where bomb blast took at least seven precious lives while leaving at least 25 injured. According to reports the bomb was planted and comprised 8 to 10 kgs of explosive material.

After these brutal blasts, the security became more strict. Pakistan army started more targeted operation against militants while taking intransigent measures on the Torkham border. Recently military has begun the operation Rad ul Fassad to curb the militants and make the country peaceful again.

Despite all these terrible incidents of extremism Pakistani citizens are continuing to live a healthy life to teach a lesson to the terrorists. PCB didn’t keep Lahore as the venue for PSL Final. Even after the brutal incident in Sehwan devotees, neither bar themselves from visiting the shrine nor abandoned their practices.


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