Flats for its employees

Here is another project of the PMLN government as Khwaja Saad Rafique has instructed Pakistan Railways to build flats for its employees.

As 2018 is approaching the PMLN government is trying to introduce more developmental projects to strengthen its vote bank for the election season. No matters, whether these projects, continue to benefit the masses or just become an advertisement for collecting votes.

According to details, Pakistan Railways would build residential flats for its employees belonging to class III and class IV. The railway minister has announced about these apartments in Narowal, Karachi, and Lahore.

A private company has been given the contract of these apartments in open auction(we just hope so). The project would cost approximately 640 million.The construction project would have 180 flats.

The representative of the Pakistan Railways told while elaborating the details that in Lahore 48 units for class three while same for the class four would be constructed at Stadium Road in Garhi Shahu. The location in for apartments in Karachi is I.I Chandigarh Road where 32 flats for Class four while 16  residential units for class three are in the pipeline. Narowal, the Border Area, is selected as the construction site, where class four employees would be able to have 24 and level three to have 12 flats.

Construction of the housing units for railways workers is not a new project of its type. Punjab Government has launched many other developmental projects but unfortunately not all those could guarantee prosperity due to controversies related to them

Even Metro is said to be a project that takes over the millions of taxpayers that could have otherwise, used in health and education sector. Khwaja Saad Rafique personally backed from his initial promises and confessed in public that slogans like bullet train were just meant for attracting the voters. The project of a bullet train is not feasible in Pakistan at this stage.

Earlier, the opponents of PMLN like PAT (Pakistan Awami Tehreek) had also raised the questions about the transparency of projects that Punjab Government initiated, including Dabshc school, Metro, Laptop scheme and Aashiana Housing Scheme.


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