Pakistan, 20 most powerful economies

By 2030, Pakistan would be amongst the world’s most powerful economies. The prediction was made in a research report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Titled as “The long view: How will the global economic order change by 2050” used the parameter of projected global gross domestic and measured it by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) to rank 32 countries. PPP determines the economic status of different countries according to ongoing developments and living standard of the people.

Surprisingly, new names have made to the lists of rising economies. Pakistan, Egypt, and Nigeria are the most notable entrants.

Here are 32 countries and their expected GDP in trillion dollars.

32. Netherlands

31. Columbia

30. South Africa

29. Vietnam

28. Bangladesh

27. Argentina

26. Poland

25. Malaysia

24. Philippines

23. Australia

22. Thailand

21. Nigeria

20. Pakistan

19. Egypt

18. Canada

17. Spain

16. Iran

15. Italy

14. South Korea

13. Saudi Arabia

12. Turkey

11. France

10. United Kingdom

9. Mexico

8. Brazil

7. Germany

6. Russia

5. Indonesia

4. Japan

3. India

2. United States

1  China

Although the ‘Big names’ would still be occupying the top slots in the list of powerful economies, there would be significant changes as China would also surpass the United States, defining the new global superpower and impacting the world politics.

Pakistan is a country whose future is surely going to be defined by the youth and rising entrepreneurs who are making their way in the ever developing tech oriented world. Further, $50 bn worth of CPEC that would convert the country into economic corridor would also increase the prospects of development.

Another major factor is Pakistan geopolitical position that makes it a major player in the world politics. Earlier a survey had listed the Pakistan among top 20 most influential countries in the world.


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