tourist of 196 countries about Pakistan

Cassandra de Pecol, who is just nearing a world record of becoming the youngest person ever to visit 196 countries within 17 months, has something special to say about Pakistan.

While talking to media, she expressed her feelings and told that Pakistan has a special place in her heart among all the 192 countries she has visited so far. During her ten days of stay in Pakistan, she would visit the Lahore and Islamabad.

She also revealed that she was eager to visit Pakistan but also feared due to a stereotypical image portrayed by the media. She was overwhelmed by the lovely response of Pakistani people towards a foreigner.

The traveler happens to be another tourist who stepped into the land and became astonished by experiencing a beautiful world that is entirely different from the one manifested in media.

Cassandra also expressed her eagerness to visit Pakistan and explore it on Instagram, upon confirmation of her Pakistani visa.

Cassandra who is traveling as the UN Ambassador of the Peace aims to be the first documented woman who ever visited 196 countries of the world. She also gives lectures in American universities and interacts with students. During her expedition 196, she is also making a documentary on education which is a part of the UN Sustainable Development Goal for the betterment of learning system in countries.

While answering the media questions, she told that South East Asia and few African countries were tough to travel and explore while the Middle East had to proved to be of special interest.

During her interaction, she also told that she would love to step into space after she completes her tour of the world countries.


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