This Pakistani book has made to the world literature map


Have you ever seen a unique map of the world where names of the countries are replaced by names of its famous books?

Recently, such map by a Reddit user went viral where famous books along with their covers described all the countries of the world, presenting a more glorious and picturesque view of the nations through their literature.

Do you want to know which Pakistani book made to this map?

It is I am Malala, a biopic of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. There is no doubt that Malala has emerged as a hero through her courage, bravery, and dare but as far as representation of Pakistan through its literature is considered the country has more precious gems to shine on the World Map.

I am Malala on Literature Map

Having representation through I am Malala wouldn’t be merely a uniqueness in literature, the world knows the lady and her novel from a different perspective. We could have gotten any other Pakistani book from the work of Mohsin Hamid or another acclaimed writer who is actually known to the world through his writings.

Let’s have a look at literary contributions on behalf of other countries.

India: Andhurati Roy’s  997 The God of Small Things is what represented India.

UK: Jane Austin’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice marked the representation of England leaving the likes of Shakespear and Dickens.

Russia: In this case, it was surely going to be Tolstoy, so no wonders why War and the Peace got onto the map.

For literati, one way to explore the people, culture, traditions, thoughts, ideas and the nations is to go through their literature. So, having a look at the map can give an idea who is who through literature.


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