Pakistani celebrities ruled the social media in 2016

Here are the Pakistani celebrities that remained a social media sensation this year due to unique stories behind their success. The phenomenon also highlights, what matters to the Pakistani people for creating a buzz.

Qandeel Baloch

The QB of social media who finally succumbed to death while fighting the social taboos was recognized as an icon of women empowerment after her death. The fact was highlighted by herself as “I’m a girl power. So many girls tell me I’m a girl power, and yes, I am, ” but at that time people only mocked her and just used her image as a resource of entertainment rather than acknowledging what she was?

Tahir Shah

Yes, the name itself is an introduction, but what was the aspect of his song Angel that received slight recognition out of entire buzz.  It waa the absolute confidence of the Tahir Shah that didn’t shatter despite the harsh criticism from the listeners. Even such level of criticism couldn’t stop the Angel to be among the top ten most watched videos by Popular Pakistani videos on YouTube.

Momina Mustehsan

Momina Mustehsan emerged out as the most prominent product of the Coke Studio Season 9. The singer-cum-model gained fame not only because of singing but merely because of her looks. The fact is evident because the lady had already sung Awari, a Bollywood song but no one knew her. Momina who became a social media sensation, the singer also criticized the people for highlighting her looks.

Sharmeen Obaid 

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy remained prominent of Social media as she won the Oscar second time for her documentary, A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness. While giving the winning speech Sharmeen said, “Thank God, I have two of them now. This is what happens when determined women get together… This week, the Pakistani Prime Minister has said that he will change the law on honor killing after watching this film. That is the power of film”. Sharmeen remained a social media buzz not only because people appreciated her. Many users also slammed her for showing the wrong face of Pakistan and sabotaging its country’s image on the international level.

Adnan Sami

Famous Pakistani singer and world’s fastest pianist Adnan Sami Khan called the wrath of Pakistani people when he became willingly an Indian citizen. This is not the all, his appreciation of India for conducting so- called surgical strikes across LoC, also made her center of criticism among Pakistani social media audience.

Arshad Khan

Among all these celebrities, the Chai Wala, Arshad Khan served as an icon. The overnight fame of Arshad Khan proves the real power of social media. An ordinary picture of the blue eyed, arrogant looking Chai Wala not only went viral but made him to step into the glamourous world of showbiz. Social media skyrocketed the Arshad Khan’s fame instantly and gave her international recognition.

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