Dangal Movie

After the Pakistani cinemas had announced to lift the ban on Indian movies, viewers hoped that they would be able to watch Amir Khan’s movie Dangal. Unfortunately, now this seems to be difficult.

According to Urdu news website Express. Pk a representative of the films’ distributors told that Amir Khan’s movie Dangal wouldn’t be screened in Pakistani cinemas and any such news are wrong.

After the realization of the fact that Pakistani cinema industry can’t run without Indian films, as we don’t have enough local films to ensure houseful at every week, the respective body ahs decided to lift the ban. Rumor spread that Freaky Ali, the movies of Arbaz Khan and Nawaz-Ud-Din Siddiqui would be the first film to be played.

Given the Uri attack and the recent wave of clashes between India and Pakistan, art and artists both suffered one each side of the border along with peace.

Indian right-wing radical parties had pressurized the producers who cast Pakistani talent in their movies either to remove the scenes or to exclude them from the promotion scenario. As a result cinema owners in Pakistan has decided to ban Indian films.

Amir Khan’s body transformation from fat to fit in Dangal; video goes viral

Well, if it is so, then audience must have to face disappointment, as the particular movie is the most awaited movie of the year due to superb acting and a story plot that is based on the real life of a wrestler. Film’s trailer and a song have already broken many previous records of popularity.


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