Pakistani fashion has always succeeded in marking its unique distinction on the international arena, but now it has moved a step forward and started endorsing the social causes along with introducing new trends. We can say that in 2016 fashion has at least made an attempt to relate itself to the social causes.

Mukhtaran Mai in Fashion Pakistan Week

The biggest surprise of Fashion Pakistan week was the Mukhtaran Mai ( a rape victim who is working for social cause), who made her runway debut with designer Rozina Munib. Her presence on the ramp was ensured to honorĀ the courage of the lady and her cause. The appearance of Mukhtaran Mai in Fashion Pakistan Week is also an indication that our fashion arena has aroused the sense that it now needs to raise awareness about the issues Pakistani women are facing in patriarchal society. Yes, our women need something more than trendiest, glittery clothes to compliment their looks.

Debut of Photographer Kami Sid in Pakistani Fashion

Perhaps, the most mentionable advancement made in Pakistani fashion is the debut of a transgender Kami Sid, in the field of modeling. Unfortunately, the year has remained worse for Pakistani transgender community as it suffered brutality at the hands of the society. Many transgender activists became the victim of violence and abuse while few also succumbed to death. The modeling debut of the Kami Sid just proves that anyone who is neither male nor female can’t simply isolate from the mainstream profession merely because of his gender.

Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala on a ramp

Here is an ambiguity whether the introduction of Arshad Khan in Pakistani fashion by his looks was really a service to the social cause or not. If the answer is no then still fashion arena of Pakistan has justĀ got another goal to fulfill.

If a chaiwala can become a showstopper on the basis of his looks then why he can’t represent his class on the same ramp.

Unfortunately, our fashion has remained exclusive to catering to the needs of the elite class. Here it needs to take a note and adapt itself in a way so that it can endorse all the social classes in a way that a Chaiwala’s music video or a film debut doesn’t become news only because he is beautiful despite his low (deemed as) social status


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