Lahore se Aagey Movie Pakistan Film Festival

Actress Saba Qamar’s debut Pakistani film Lahore Se Aagey has done a record business on box office. It was anticipated that movie wouldn’t be able to attract the audience due to its weak story plot.

The business done by this new film not only proved all the speculations wrong but also set a new record in the history of Pakistani cinema. The movie made one crore on Friday, the first day of its release and one crore ten lakhs on the second day and one crore 35 lakhs on the third day of its release.The film features the T.V star Saba Qamar in the lead role with the actor Yasir Shah in a romantic comedy type story.

The huge success of this movie will not only boost the confidence of cast and entire production team, but it would also play a major role in the revival of Pakistani Cinema. The increasing popularity of Pakistani movies in theatres can be attributed to the lack of competition due to ongoing ban on Indian films. Still, we have witnessed the example of films that made their way to the audience interest even in the presence of Indian Movies.

If the trend of showing Pakistani films in cinemas continues then soon, Pakistan film industry would be back in all its glory.


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