Pakistani film Mah-e-Mir

One of the most dramatic recent films of the Pakistan is the Mah-e-Mir. The film is all set to premier in Dehli on December 5 of this year.

Amidst the ongoing clashes between India and Pakistan, when media ban and artist ban on both sides of the border is on its way, this seems to be impossible. Still, the news is accurate, and it is confirmed by the film’s director Anjum Shehzad according to The News.

The film would be exhibited in Jaipur India on Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) in January 2017. Mah-e-Mir had not received a tremendous response from Pakistani audience and could not make big at the Pakistani box office, but due to its unique story plot and cinematography, the film has been featured at many International Film Festival.

Mah-e-Mir has already bagged the Best Narrative Film Award at Guam International Film Festival. The movie has already been submitted for the 89th Academy Award’s Best Foreign Language Film Category. International Premier is not at all the first time, before its premier in India, movie was also featured at International Film Festivals including Milan, Bangalore and Canada.

The film features the Fahad Mustafa, Iman Ali and Sanam Saeed in main roles. The story roams around the life of a contemporary poet who compares his life’s struggle and strives to be a known poet with the 18th-century poet of Urdu Mir Taqi Mir.


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