Pakistani Hulk gives challenge to Great Khali

Arbab Khizer Hayat, known as Khan Baba (who calls himself Pakistani Hulk) has challenged famous Indian wrestler The Great Khali.

Khan Baba who reportedly weighs 440 Kg openly challenged the world’s eighth tallest wrestler during his interview with a private channel. Khan Baba himself is 6 feet four inches taller.

He further told that he wanted to fight in WWE but he was unable to get a license as they feared his heavy weight.

Khan Baba also unveiled his tough routine and diet he follows to maintain his high weight and Hulk like body.

The wrestler revealed that he took 10,000 calories a day. He wieghed 115 Kg when he was in class 9th.

25 years old body-builder from Mardan told that he could lift an Alto, he kept 150 Kg heavy dumbells and was able to lift the stones as heavy as 50Kg and 100 Kg. It requires a 12 meters piece of cloth to make a dress for this wrestler due to his mammoth physique.

Khan Baba also expressed his desire to marry a foreigner wrestler woman. He told that he would like to get married after he becomes 30 years old. Astonishingly, he also revealed that there are many women fans who have expressed their will to marry him.


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