Would this Pakistani Hulk be able to make his way into WWE


Arbab Khizer Hayat from Mardan, known as Khan Baba calls himself a Pakistani Hulk and dreams of representing Pakistan in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

The man weighs almost 436 kg but does it make him eligible to contest in the world’s one of the most challenging wrestling games. There is no doubt that maintaining a particular physical structure is a pre-requisite for the match but does man sufficiently qualifies such tactic that would make him stand in the ring before the wrestling mammoths.

The man is quite confident that her huge weight is healthy and he doesn’t suffer from any disease. With the same Khan Baba claims to be the strongest man in the world.

His incredible physique also makes him suffer particular challenges. “I experience problems while traveling in cars owing to space constraints” Tribune quoted the Khan Baba.

The man also claims to win a medal from the WWE and have his name included in the Guinness Book of the World Record.

There is no doubt that Pakistan has already big names in the sports like boxing and martial arts. Earlier, a martial arts athlete from FATA set a world record for maximum push-ups in one minute while laying his body weight on feet knuckles.

Earlier, the boxer Muhammad Waseem Khan defended his silver flyweight title at WBC (World Boxing Council) in Seoul, North Korea.

Unfortunately, both these athletes lamented over the lack of support and funds from the government. We don’t know whether this Pakistani Hulk would be able to prove himself on his own or not.

During his interview with the media outlet, he also lamented about the absence of weightlifting sports in Pakistan. Well, the is no doubt that weightlifting culture was once dominant in the Pothohar region and many young men mainly from rural areas boasted pride in lifting heavy weights.


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