Martial arts expert from FATA

Young sportsman Muhammad Irfan Mehsud who belongs from North Waziristan FATA has just bagged a world record in the field of Martial Arts.

The 26 years old man has set the world record for doing the most push-ups within one minute while his body weight laying on feet knuckles with 40 pounds weight on his back.

Guinness Book of the World Record also names Irfan as the serial record breaker, as it is not the first record he broke ever. Related to his expertise in the field, Irfan has made four consecutive world records in the recent days. These include the three records for doing push ups while putting weight on the back while one record for doing push-ups with one foot on the floor and one in air. Irfan Mehsud is of the opinion that he is fourth Pakistani player to make five world records and name himself in the Guinness Book of the World Record. The athlete made all these records within 40 days.

Mehsud who is the affected of war on terror in FATA is also running an academy in Waziristan where he trains young martial art enthusiasts. He also expressed his inspiration from the film star Jackie Chan who is martial arts expert and famous for his action scenes.


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