Which Pakistani Parliamentarian pays how much tax; find out here


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a democratic state based on democratic principles and laws. In a democracy, the head governing body is supposed to be the leader and should follow the rules and regulations properly so that the governed citizens will follow the tail of the leader.

Similarly, if the Parliament of a state is punctual in the payment of taxes, the citizens will follow their lead and will be punctual in the payment of their taxes as well. However, a record of the past 3 years of the Senate of Pakistan along with the National and Provincial Assemblies show that their members themselves have not been paying taxes on their behalf completely.

Famous names such as Pervaiz Rasheed from the Senate and Ejaz Khan from the Punjab Assembly have only paid Rs. 137,271 and Rs. 35,300 of their total taxes in the year 2016 respectively.

The payment of taxes of each Pakistani Parliamentarian  can be found in the following lists:

Tax by Pakistani Parliamentarian


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