Why Pakistani People Should Celebrate Mothers Day

Mother's Day Pakistan
Mother's Day

Celebration of Mothers Day has always been a controversial topic in Pakistan and lot of noise is made out of this little issue. Worldwide, there are those “days” that are associated with your loved ones and celebrated with aplomb. For instance, there is the ever controversial Valentine’s Day which was banned last year in Pakistan as some moral high head filed a petition in High Court. Every year, there is one group. The activism of conservative right wings in banning these days goes to show that all else is well with this country and only these petty issues need people’s attention but that is not the case. Mothers Day seems to have been a victim of the same controversy.

Mothers Day
Mothers Day

Similarly, there are groups of people who think celebrating such days is not something that is “Islamic.” They are of the view point that these relations need your love and attention for the rest of the year. But these people tend to forget that one cannot place the same love and attention to these relations all the year. And at times people tend to get formulaic in relations, so there is nothing wrong in celebrating this day. There is no harm in letting your loved ones know how much you cherish and appreciate them. It is all about feeling the emotions and letting your feelings know.

Mothers Day
Mothers Day

Mothers Day in recent years, with the advent of marketing, these days have become part of the media culture as well, and even though there is an element of commercialism in today, there is no harm in accepting the popular culture. In Pakistan, many brands, such as Food Panda, TCS, Yayvo are celebrating mother’s day. So this year lets make a resolution that even if we do not celebrate mother’s day, we will make an effort to reiterate our love to mothers. There is no point in taking moral high ground over trivial issues. So plan something this mother’s day and express your love to the most beautiful lady in our life.

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