Holi Celebrations by Urwa and Farhan

Pictures of newly wed showbiz couple Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane featuring them in Holi celebration in Karachi are going viral on social media while giving rise to a decades-old debate.

It seems that there is no end of criticism that the celebrity couple is facing whether it is a lavish, star-studded wedding that held them culprit for being extravagant or this Holi celebration that is making them face the wrath of social media for promoting a culture that doesn’t belong to them.

People stormed Urwa and Farahan on Instagram after  Sunday Times posted the picture of them celebrating Holi on Karachi beach along with event manager Frieha Altaf.

Happy Holi everyone! ????✨ #FarhanSaeed #FriehaAltaf and #UrwaHocane celebrating #holi in #Karachi today!????

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Ironically, viewers slammed the showbiz celebrities for promoting a culture that didn’t belong to their religion in a language that was not their native on a platform that was not invented by their fellow countrymen. It is astonishing that impact of globalization compelled them to adopt the modern technology and the languages that belong to the far off lands but they think that such modernization should not mess with their distinct identity by imposing the festivities of even a neighboring country that still shares a strong geographical and historical ties.

Some people also pointed that celebrating Holi can be a good way to express harmony with the Hindu community, but it also negates one’s won religious beliefs.

It is not for the first time people have thrashed a celebrity on social media for promoting and observing a festival that belonged to some “alien” culture. Earlier Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had also received the same response after he celebrated Diwali with the Hindu community at Shiv Mandar in Clifton in Karachi to show solidarity with them.


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