Pakistan Army soldier enjoying barbecue

Have a look at the picture of this Pakistani soldier who is enjoying the barbecue at the border. Video of an Indian Army soldier that went viral on social media debunked the corruption prevalent in the army. The difference is quite evident.

It seems that Pakistani soldier is getting a fair share of their food supply which is not only enough to cater to their needs but make them party hard at the border.

An atmosphere of competition has always prevailed between India and Pakistan, the two rival countries. There are many fronts in which both the countries are sharing the same sort of situation. Still, similarities come up with absolute differences. Like Chaiwalas from both the countries end up getting prestige from the society, yes difference still exists, as Indian Chaiwala becomes Prime Minister and Pakistani Chaiwala becomes a model.

After Pakistani tea seller got fame because of his looks, Indian photographers also grabbed their camera and took to the food stalls, they ultimately ended up spotting a Biryaniwala with good looks charming enough to make a ramp debut after quitting his job of Biryani sellers.

When it comes to soldiers, Pakistan has surely surpassed the India, after all, there is no comparison of a person eating spiceless cereals soaked in water with one who enjoys the barbecue.

Now, one can’t say that a Pakistani soldier can benefit from the barbecue at the border only because  Pakistan spends a huge budget on the defense. When it comes to India, the country surely doesn’t lag behind in filling the treasury chest of its Army, but all that matters are the care, respect, and transparency. In Pakistan, the soldiers keep on getting a dose of plentiful food, facilities, and protocol for being an army personnel so that they are more patriotic and ensure their stay at the border with more devotion and passion for defending the country.

Soldiers who suffer from homesickness while living away from the home abode have to keep themselves fresh with the passion and zeal to defend their country with more dedication and an ever juvenile spirit of patriotism.


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