British-Pakistani Tech Entrepreneur Does a Mark Zuckerberg


British Pakistani Tech Entrepreneur has done what pretty much defined the legacy of Mark Zuckerberg. It reminded people of the movie Social Network were another Tech Entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg had done the same thing by rejecting a multi-million idea in pursuit of “much higher goals.” Mohammed Ali from Dewsbury has declined the offer given to him amounting £5 million for his web venture as he claims that the price that is offered to him is too low. Tech Entrepreneur claims that the website is worth a lot more than £5 million The American investor had offered Ali huge sum, but he claims that the website is much better as compared to what competitors are already offering in the marketplace and thus should be valued in a better way.

”The main reason we rejected the offer was that, if the technology and concept are worth millions already, just think how much it will be worth once people use it,” claimed Ali. He also understood that was taking a big risk letting go such huge sum, but the intention behind the whole thing was to make sure that the website becomes a household name.  At the same time, he wants to make something for himself. The website for which American Tech Entrepreneur was willing to put up a huge sum was a price comparison marketplace, a concept never seen before. He worked on the website along with his other Tech Entrepreneur, Chris Thorpe.


This is not the first time though that he has been in the headlines, he made news last year when he created a game, Project 2006, where he was able to earn £30,000. And this kid has a heart of gold as the most lavish thing that has done is that he refurbished the living room of his parents. Now there is some good head between his shoulders. This has been a good week for Pakistani across the world as another Pakistani chef had taken the UK food industry by storm. Let’s hope we have our own tech entrepreneur who would mold and shape the IT industry and bring fame to Pakistan.


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