Transgenders tortured tp death in Saudi Arabia

A recent incident of atrocity with transgenders seems to prove that they are children of lesser God for this society. Two members of the community have been tortured to death by police in Saudi Arabia for wearing women’s dressing in public.

Police raided a rest house in Riyadh at the occasion of Guru Chela Chalan (a formal meeting for selection of gurus and students) gathering and arrested the 35 transgender for cross-dressing which is a punishable offense in the laws of KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Tribune reported.

Amna and Meeno who were 35 yeas old and 26 years old respectively, allegedly died when police harshly beat them after packing them in the sacks. Both transgenders belonged to KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).

Even, if any act of the victims were against the laws then they must be given a chance for defense and fair trial, thrashing brutally and torturing to death is an outright an inhuman act.

It seems that holy land is shrinking in space for the transgender community from Pakistan. Earlier, news emerged that KSA had barred the Pakistani transgenders from performing Hajj and Umrah.

The year 2016 was marked by the activism of transgenders in Pakistan as the community suffered through discrimination. Many activists had to sacrifice their lives in the course of fighting for their rights.

Of any member of human race faces the worst bigotry by gender then transgenders rest on the top of the list. Society perceives them incapable of contributing positively because they are not a healthy male or female. Such exclusion from any other field compels them to beg for money in busy markets and on traffic signals or dance in the weddings and private parties; a task that is assigned to the by the society.


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