Social media virtual reality goals

If IT companies think that they have innovated enough in the form of virtual reality to boost the experience of tech users, then they are wrong at all. As the social media usage is increasing around the globe, human beings are looking forward to more enhanced experience to satisfy their very nature of making an impact.

It doesn’t matter how many graphic emojis social media developers may introduce, how many apps they make mainstream to provide a real life socializing experiences, the emotional Pakistani nation would continue to look for a real life effect.

The proof is very well evident from these Pakistani social media memes that truly set goals for the virtual reality experts.

Here they just want that social media technology to develop up to such an extent that writing “shame on you” becomes sufficient enough to embarrass a person.

Virtual reality goals by Pakistanis

In the second case, they want to make sure that person who irritates them inevitably receives a slap on the face merely by writing the word slap while interacting virtually.Virtual reality goal slap

The third case is a bit mischievous, just imagine you want to harass someone with your dog through Facebook, you just write the word dog and his face pops out of the opponent’s screen while barking right on his face.

Virtual reality goal to harras with dog

Well, the fourth and last goal are for the love birds who love technology as it provides them connectivity but at the same times, feel barred by the screen constraints. Here our desi social media users don’t want to rely only on a graphic emoji for the hug; they just want to type the world and make it to a real. It is just like a kissing pad that iPhone has introduced to make users feel the love in the real sense.

Virtual Reality goal for romance


No doubts that technology would develop one day to make it possible the instant motion of physical objects within space and time, still there are many other human emotions that are looking towards information technology and social media for their manifestation into reality.


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