Extravagent Pakistani wedding

A recent Pakistani wedding has broken all the records of extravagance by spending lavishly on useless wedding rituals just for show and pomp,

Shaikh Muhammad Hashmat, the father of groom Shaikh Muhammad, threw away huge money in the name of wedding celebration just to fulfill the wish of his only son.

Here is an account of rather weird rituals that groom practiced in this unique Pakistani wedding.

He made an entry into wedding hall by sitting in the caged lion

Caged Lion

In sub-continent, the old tradition for the groom is to enter the venue of wedding ceremony by riding a horse, but this groom did something different. He wanted to ride a roaring lion, so managed to get one imprisoned in the cage. Yes, he could afford to buy the beast but controlling it without any confinement needed courage.

He Wore a Sehra made up of Gold Bars

He wore a Sehra made up of Gold Bars

Sehra is a very old tradition for grooms to wear on their wedding day. This Multan-based groom wore a festoon (Sehra) made up of gold chains and bars hanging all over his face. In Pakistan, gold is an expensive commodity and not in reach of every person. At times families have to save money over the years to make gold ornaments that weigh not more than few ounces.  Here the groom’s uncle has gifted a festoon that carries Kgs of gold.

Wedding attended by 15000 guests

Rally or a wedding

The major budget in a Pakistani wedding goes for the dinner, so people have to be careful in deciding the exact number of guests that barely crosses few hundreds, but here 15000 guests graced the occasion, and all came in the long row of vehicles. We wonder if they had been to participate in a wedding ceremony or a long march for protesting against the government.

Rs 500 million spent on the Dowry

Dowry or a Shop

After such lavish spending by groom’s family how come bride’s family could lag behind. After all, it becomes a matter of ego. Here is how they spent money on useless items on the name of Dowry.

  1. Three dozen gold rings given to women of groom’s family
  2. A luxury car gifted to groom’s family.
  3. Motorbikes for the cousins of the man who was going to marry their daughter.

Expensive wedding

The purpose of dowry is usually to support a married couple so that they can start their new life. Unfortunately, society has made this tradition compulsory making it difficult for the girls to marry who can’t afford to make dowry due to poverty. Couldn’t bride’s family spend this Rs 500 mn on assisting those who needed it badly rather than distributing among those who already have plenty of it.

Performance by Saieen Zahoor

Sufi singer Saieen Zahoor also sang in the wedding for entertaining the audience; he is such a famous and well made acclaimed singer who has also sung for Hollywood movies.

Where are FBR and law- makers?

We don’t know what income tax status of the man who spent such huge amount on the wedding of his son is, but usually, such ceremonies are not accounted for tax resulting in allowing huge money to waste while creating a disparity and despair among those who can’t afford to celebrate in such a way. Earlier, KPK assembly had passed the law to ban the dowry and forbid the citizens from such lavish spendings. Couldn’t such laws be implemented in entire Pakistan to prevent such ruthless waste of money at the hands of those who have already got much?


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