The world’s is noticing talent of Pakistani youth. Our youngsters have made to the World’s 30 under 30 Asia for 2017.

Sports and Entertainment

Filmmaker Shahnawaz Zali’s documentary 100 Steps-Sau Qadam was nominated at 43rd Students Academy Awards in Narrative Category. The film that roams around the story of a boy who is pushed to suicide bombings has won awards at Accolade Global Film Festival, Qatar Media Awards, and Miami International Film Festival.

Shahnawaz Zali’s film Muhammad has also won Qatar Media Award in 2015.

Other major names that made to Forbes in the same category included the Grammy Award-winning singer Lorde, actor Margot Robbie from the movie Wolf of Wall Street and Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt.

The judges included Pakistan’s two times Oscars winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Sonny Bill Williams, Rugby player and Heavyweight Boxer, Mallika Kapur International Correspondent of CNN and singer Yuna.

Enterprise Technology

Bilal Ather in Forbes List
Bilal Ather, CEO Wifigen

Pakistani youngster Bilal Ather who is the CEO of Wifigen and came up with the idea of providing free wifi in return of ads at the famous tourist attractions has also made to the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia: Enterprise Technology. He also provides data analytics to corporate customers to give them demographics based on the user’s search history.

His customers include Unilever, Singapore’s Changi Airport and the Island of Tahiti.

Judges in this category included Eva Chen Cofounder Trend Micro, Royston Tay General Founder of Messaging, Zendesk and T.M Ravi cofounder The Hive.

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