Pakistani chef leaves the UK in astonishment!


Once again, one of the biggest culinary competitions of the year comes to an end in the UK. And this time, a Pakistani chef has left the UK in astonishment because she knocked 64 other amateur chefs straight out of the competition!

Saliha Mahmood is a 29-year-old British citizen of Pakistani origin who has won BBC’s Masterchef competition in the UK for the year 2017. Masterchef UK is held every year, where several different chefs from different nations gather and compete against one another showcasing their culinary skills. It is a war between the food of different heritages, from different corners of the world, and every year, one out of about 65 people wins the title of being “Masterchef” of the year.

Luckily, this year a Pakistani has once again held our head up high and has given the nation yet another reason to be proud of its people. On May 14th, 2017, Saliha Mehmood, a Pakistani chef, won the title of being the Masterchef against 64 other chefs.

Saliha Mehmood is a doctor, who has a passion for cooking and food. She even writes different cookbooks for people to maintain a healthy diet, and for them to fight obesity.

Pakistani food in itself is delicious. Cassandra¬†de Pecol,¬†who is currently the fastest traveller of the world, rated Pakistan in her top ten countries especially because of its food! And we don’t doubt it for a moment that Saliha through her extraordinary cooking skills, and due to Pakistan’s amazing taste in Asian food, won the competition.The cooking theme was that the Pakistani chef cooked for in the finale was “East meets West”. With a burst of tastes and flavours, she cooked traditional dishes for the grand finale and left the judges in awe. She made kebabs, coriander chutney, chana daal and kachumber salad.


However, Saliha Mahmood has been receiving certain racist comments from people around the globe. Perhaps mainly due to being a Pakistani chef and due to her Pakistani origin.

There will always be haters, but Pakistani food can never go wrong on any occasion! Dean Jones, the Islamabad United Coach even expressed his love for Lahori food when he came to watch the PSL final.

We take pride in Saliha Mehmood as she proved herself as an incredible Pakistani chef. We know that she will now become a role model for not only aspiring Pakistani chefs but even for the British youngsters.


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