Pakistanis are drinking fake juices of famous brands, PFA exposes


Do you drink lots of fake juices and believe they are adding vitamins to your body? Huh…think twice before you buy it next time as most of the time you bring home an adulterated product.

We Pakistanis are quite used to of the adulterated food, and the mafia behind is happily spreading this cancer in the society just for the sake of their profits.

In Punjab, for us, the good news is that there is a watchdog,  Punjab Food Authority (PFA), on our side and this time they cracked down on the factories of artificial juices.

These factories were making fake juices inside the houses which were locked from outside giving an impression that nobody lived inside.

PFA, on the information of vigilance cell, raided and recovered 37 thousand liters of fake juices of various brands. All juices were made of chemicals and flavors; a case has been filed against factory and property owner.

Rafia Haider, Director Operations, revealed that fake juices of renowned brands were being prepared by locking the house from outside. 8 thousand liters of manufactured juice from Factory-1, 11 thousand from Factory-2 and raw material of 18 thousand liters were captured.

She further revealed that two factories were working simultaneously to ensure maximum production. Moreover, all fake juices were being made of chemicals and expired flavors. Even, there were no signs of fruits in both of the factories.

Supply record has been confiscated, FIR registered, and the investigation has been initiated after sealing the unit.

PFA also penalized some famous eateries

PFA also imposed fine on a couple of famous eateries which were selling adulterated food under unhygienic conditions. Check out if any of them is your favorite.

The famous Cosa Nostra, Chashni Sweet Shop and Spice Bazar in Gulberg-II were fined with Rs. 100,000, Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 100,000 respectively for no MRD’s, presence of flies in the area, improper insects preventive measures and dirty mincing machine.

In addition to this, K & K-Juice Corner and Dahi Bhallay point situated in Township was sealed for using rotten fruits and artificial colors in juices. It also had a washroom in production area, unhygienic condition of workers, open drains, improper insects preventive measures, dirty and broken freezers, non-retrieval of medical certificates of employees and food license.

Further, Shalimar Restaurant and Aljannat Juice Corner in Data Ganj Bakhsh, Rehman Tikka and Fish corner in Johar Town and K & K Biryani and Fried Chicks were fined with Rs. 5,000, Rs. 4000, Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 10,000 respectively for open drain and dustbins, uncovered food items, No MRD’s, improper insects preventive measures and absence of hand washing soaps.

Not only this but Pappu Pan shop, Azeem Fruit and Juice Corner, Hafiz Super Store, Noor Pak Milk Shop, Jani Nan shop, S.A Super Store in Johar Town; Naseeb Burger Corner,Gourmet Sweets and Bakers in Shadman Market whereas Alhamd Milk shop and Grato Kozy Haleem in Township were advised to improve the standards and E- Licenses were issued on the spot.


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