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Pakistan’s ex High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit, wrote an official letter to Pakistans Ambassador to US, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary, in which he clearly stated that Aizaz Ahmad is not fit for the position of being an Ambassador.

The letter can be viewed as follows:


pakistan's ambassador
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This letter reads, addressed to Pakistans Ambassador to US:

“The More I think the more I am convinced that you have been the worst foreign secretary ever. My concern is that you would also end up being the worst Pakistan ambassador in Washington DC. The reasons are simple. First, you are not made for the delicate profession of diplomacy.

I can cite many examples, the Ufa Joint Statement and Pakistan humiliating defeat at the Human Rights Council are sufficient to prove my point. Second and it is more worrisome, your heart is not in the right place. In this regard, the less said the better. 

I strongly feel that it is in Pakistan’s interest that you should immediately be removed from Washington DC. If not so, you should not be given extension beyond your superannuation on February 27, 2018. May Allah help Pakistan when people like you with weak and dubious credentials are at such important positions.”

Looks like Abdul Basit no longer has a tolerance for Aizaz Ahmad, as Basit even mentioned Pakistan’s humiliating defeat in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) when it was not elected as a member of the UNHRC receiving only 105 votes out of a 193 general body.

He says that Aizaz Ahmad’s “heart” is not in the right place, perhaps he means that being a diplomat is not what Aizaz’s passion? Nevertheless, there is still no reply from the FSO’s side. We await to see what will happen now, as Aizaz already requested an early retirement. His original retirement was due in April 2018, but it is now heard that he will retire in February 2018 if he doesn’t resign beforehand due to this letter.


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