Pakistan's national anthem by Kahmiri boys

This tune of Pakistan’s national anthem echoing as the rhythm of Rabab and Santoor, emerging from the enchanting valley of Kashmir is all you need to listen today.

Call it a soul soothing remedy or music soaked in the spirit of patriotism; these Kashmiri teens have brought a masterpiece to the world of music, in the form of an addition to the vast plethora of Pakistan’s national songs.

The rendition of Pakistan’s national song by Majeed and Ahmad by 12 grade Kashmiri students from Srinagar is evidence of impact art can make. The video was originally posted on a Facebook page Culture de Kashmir and went viral in no times, gaining immense popularity from the viewers.

The video was shot at the music institute of Majeed’s father where the guys started playing Pakistan’s national anthem following a suggestion during their practice session, Hindustan Times reported.

While answering why he played only Pakistan’s national anthem, Majeed said, “Music has no boundaries. Musicians are azad. It is our work, and we will be of no worth without music. There is no other motive to my rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem.”

Majeed also highlighted the fact that our youth is not much familiar with the Kashmiri folk music by saying “Music is in my body and soul, but there are many youths like me who have no idea of Kashmir’s folk music. Many people called me to ask which instruments we were playing in the video. They know everything about guitars and western instruments but have no idea about our own [local] instrument,”

The duo plans to do a rendition of Indian National Anthem too. The video is proof that music has no boundaries or walls, it is a distinct language equally understood by all the cultures around the world hence, every country and ethnicity can similarly use this art to express its motives.

Undoubtedly, the valley of Kashmir is rich in gems like Zaira Waseem and Saima Hussain Mir and these teen singers who know that certain things like art never need boundaries for their acknowledgment.


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