Paratha Maker becomes cricketer

Hanan Khan, a paratha maker, has made his way to NCA (National Cricket Academy) XI for playing a T-Twenty match against the Malaysian under-16 cricket team at Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

The 19 years old teenager makes Paratha at a roadside dhaba in Karachi to support his career and wants to represent the greens at international level.

“When I was first informed by NCA about my selection, I couldn’t believe it. I suspected it was a prank call, so I called them back to make sure that someone’s not messing with me. I am incredibly happy to get this chance.” Express Tribune Reported.

Earlier, Hannan had made it to the PSL franchise Quetta Gladiators after he succeeded in impressing the selectors with his performance. The man considers himself lucky enough to step in the mainstream cricketing arena of Pakistan as he belongs to a region where youngsters never get enough opportunities to polish their talents,


Hannan is well aware of the fact how precious is this chance and hence he is looking forward to impressing the selectors during the match against the Malaysia’s under 16 cricket team while playing on behalf of NCA.

The young cricketer has proven that all that matters is the talent and ability, otherwise being a paratha maker can’t bar from moving ahead.


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