Partition of India-Pakistan

The partition of India and Pakistan has consider one of the most tragic moments in the history of mankind. Here we are sharing some hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan.

1: Cyril Radcliffe:

Among the list of hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan, one of the most heartbreaking fact is Cyril Radcliffe. The man who drew a line between India-Pakistan had no knowledge about anything except geographical layout of country.hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- Mountbatten

In his ignorance he divided subcontinent without knowing any religious and cultural communities. Thus causing a rift between Hindu and Muslims. ‘Drawing the line’ by ‘Howard Brenton’ is a play, it was staged in 2013. The play was centered on the role of Mountbatten and his part in Indian Subcontinent’s partition.

In play it was openly depicted that how ignorantly Radcliffe drew the lines of partition causing millions of casualties and refugees.hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- dead bodies


2:Why Pakistan got independence on 14 while India on 15:

As Lord Mountbatten was personally wanted to attended both Pakistan and India’s ceremony. But it was impossible if the both states have it on the same day. Moreover astrologers were consulted to take out an appropriate date for event but they remained fail, so 15 August was decided by India. hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- flag ceremony

3: Independence date on 6 June:

In early 1947, it was decided that the partition will be carried on 6 June. But British authorities said they will not leave Indian Subcontinent till 1948.  

4: People have right to decide the fate of Kashmir- Gandhi

During his address to his followers while talking about Kashmir first time in his address Gandhi said that:

‘People of Kashmir have right  to decide the fate of Kashmir. Kashmir is going to be independent on 15 August, the situation can not be like this anymore. The authorities of Kashmir must have to decide whether they will join Pakistan or India’.hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- Kashmir

5: Wrong estimate: 

Indian government was estimated that about 14.5 million people would be displaced during partition. But it was more than the figure estimated. hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- causalities

6: Addition of white strip: 

On 3 August 1947, a white strip was added in the flag of Pakistan to represent the minorities.hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- flag 

7: The freedom movement:

Freedom movement against British rule was started in 1857 which was later joined by Muslims for their separate homeland.hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- slide

8: Lord Attlee leaks on partition of India-Pakistan:

Lord Attlee revealed a shocking truth that Britishers did not left India due to Mahatma Gandhi. But because of the damage they faced at the hands of Subhash Chandra Bose.

When asked how much the withdrawal of the British from Indian was influenced by Gandhi, he said MINIMAL.

hidden facts in partition of India-Pakistan- Attlee



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