Remembering Parveen Shakir

Beauty, talent, intelligence, sensitivity, courage and boldness and intellect all these combined made up Pakistan’s one of the most celebrated poetess Parveen Shakir. It has been 22 years since the gorgeous lady passed away in tragic car accident. The top trend on Twitter #ParveenShakir indicates how she expressed different things in different times that everyone could relate to.

So, here you can see how her fans picked the relatable pieces of her work along with her qualities.

Here are  some amazing facts about the lady

Who is Parveen Shakir

Before we get to know the answer to this question, we have to mention she became confused while explaining about herself. When she appeared in CSS examination, she reportedly faced a question what do you know about the poetess Parveen Shakir (by the time she had become an established poetess).

Beautiful and Elegant Parveen Shakir

There is no doubt that for Pakistani literature Parveen Shakir was in the female circle of poetry as Madam Noor Jahan to the Music. The charming looks and mesmerizing personality of the lady were itself a feature that made her more elegant and attractive.

Highly Qualified lady

In the field of education, she also had astonishing achievements. Parveen Shakir. She received two undergraduate degrees in English Literature and also the linguistics. She also held an M.A degree from the same university, she did Ph.D. and also completed her Master in Banking Administration from the University of Oxford. She was also a CSS officer who served in the Customs department.

An authentic voice for the female sentiments

It wouldn’t be wrong at all that Parveen Shakir gave an authentic voice to the female emotions. She expressed the compulsions of an eastern girl and hurdles that made her keep her tender feelings off an expression. The pain of being fragile and fear of being exposed regarding sentiments was what made the very basis of her poetry.

Parveen Shakir’s poetic collections

Parveen Shakir left the beautiful pieces of the collection in the form of the books Khushbu, Sadbarg, Khudkalami, Inkaar, Mah-e-Tamam, and Kaf-e-Aaiena. The lady also wrote columns in an Urdu newspaper under the title of Gosha-e-Chashm.


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