Some days back a video got viral on the media and then the social media. The video showed Khurram Nawaz Gandapur of PAT and Naeem ul Haq of PTI abusing and fighting like school boys.

I remember while in school, there was a trend when someone fought with somebody, he used to say, “idhar hi ruk(stop here), and then on phone: Bhai larai ho gai hai, bande le aa( here’s a fight, fetch some boys)”. Naeem ul Haq started using the phone instantly after the fight, reminded of the good old days.

It seems like PTI and PAT are still in school.

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur comes from the political party which says that they are the most trained and disciplined workers in the whole country. Are they? Gandapur resort to abusive language shows that they are just the street bullies hiding behind the revolutionary slogans.

Some serious question arises here. Gandapur leader Tahir ul Qadri aka Allama Canada is a senior scholar of Islam. In recent times, no doubt he is the scholar who has the knowledge and can execute a great speech due to excellence in oration.  He has the power to turn his followers blind, we have seen that multiple times, he can do brain-washing more than surf excel do clothes washing.

These are the Islamic scholars who after turning into politics has shown their real faces. What they are teaching to their followers? Without being sarcastic or strict, we have just two questions to ask from Allama Sahib.

Why is Gandapur not warned or expelled from the party?

Are the abusive slangs fu****g and p****** halal in Islam?

See the tragedy, the word I am not even allowed to use in the public domain is being spoken by so called politician, and yes he gets away with that.

And in the end, a round of applause for Mr Naeem and Gandapur who came to the supreme court bunking the school, used slangs, obviously for the national cause.

And yea here’s the uncensored video.( A tight slap on our so called literate faces).

And here’s the reply of our beloved Allama and yea it’s from Canada.


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