Pakistani Doctors beating the patients

Prevention is better than cure; there has never remained even a bit of doubt in truthiness of this phrase, but Pakistani doctors in Mayo Hospital Lahore have just testified it.

Well, it was not their fault, the injured man must be careful that doctors are already in chaos as the profession in a government hospital has already shattered their dreams.

What the young doctors tell you is that don’t  ever dare to be injured, especially in the times when they are fighting the battle for their rights, not only with the government, their contemporaries but also with the innocent patients.

You better drive carefully, take preventive measures so that wrath of an already raged doctor doesn’t fall upon you.

Don’t believe me? Then see this video where doctors brutally beat the injured patients in front of police when he insisted on treatment.

Just in case, you are careless enough to get injured, don’t opt for treatment from a Pakistani doctor.

Rushing towards the hospital for treatment means you are putting the honor of your mother and sister at stake.

You are endangering your life, as an already hurt body of you is more likely to become a mat for the punches and stumbles of the doctors whom you have disappointed so badly.

Why the hell they would resolve your miseries and pains when they don’t get any reward. You know what? It is your fault. When they said they want to help the poor humanity by this profession, they didn’t mean it, why you failed to understand the hidden greed and selfishness in their ultimate desire. They just wanted an elation of your sickness; they wanted to suffer you as many diseases as you can because they just need to expand the market.

The issue is that Pakistani doctors have a market but, still they are not able to cash this in their way. Even if they are right in their demands, then still it is clear that they only prioritize their concerns with you, whatever happens to a man on the brink of death is not at all a matter for them to worry about.

Where should innocent sick patients go? In private hospitals, they can’t afford to satisfy the greed of doctors as they don’t have a huge sum of money to pay. In Government hospitals, they just become the victim of unsatisfied greed and end up worsening their damage and injuries.


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