Pakistan Broadcasters Association has realized the difference between the myth and the reality and has decided to contest the PEMRA-imposed ban on the airing of Indian content on Pakistani media; the said ban restricts airing of content including music, dramas, and movies of the neighboring country.

To those who think that only Pakistan exports media content from Pakistan it will come as news that Pakistan was in a much strong exporting position that was anticipated to grow over the course of time.

Yes, Pakistan is broadcasting a lot of Indian music but that is because India has bigger film and music industry.

Pakistani film industry is predicted to have a brighter future but currently, the drama industry of Pakistan has been doing a job way better than that of their Indian counterparts so we have been exporting the tv content to Indian channels such as Zindagi Channel.

There needs to be a talk between the media fraternity of both sides about how can they help their businesses from getting affected by the war-craze. This step of banning each other’s content and media is not helping to promote peace.

Earlier this month the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association had announced that they will not allow any film with Pakistani actors to be released in India.

As a counter attack to this action, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had announced a blanket ban on the airing of any content on Pakistani channels and cables that belonged to the neighboring country, effective today Oct. 21.

The Pakistan broadcasters association has decided to contest the blanket ban and for right reasons I say.

Yes, PEMRA can put a ban on airing Indian movies, dramas, and music on Pakistani TV and radio channels but can it help shutting down the music playing in local transport which happens to belong to India.

Can they stop the illegal download of the movies from the internet? The authorities are not stopping the people from watching Indian content they are just rerouting them to Dailymotion, youtube (that has just been back) and other servers that host Indian dramas for a period of time and the youth today might not know the more productive uses of internet but they know how to browse and watch what they want on the internet.

The neighboring countries need to take a moment and rethink their priorities, is it their ego or their people because the hostile environment is not going to serve the people on both sides of the border.

We do not only import the fascination of the Rickshaw driver who puts a photo of Indian actors on his back view mirror but out kidney and joints replacement patient also benefit from the expertise of the Indian doctors.

The abundance of Indian medicine in Pakistani market also indicates that there cannot be a rivalry so big that it risks the lives of many patients in Pakistan. Vice verse Indian imports from Pakistan of the month of September alone were worth US$ 7.61 million.

It is vital for the two countries to learn the golden rule of coexistence, a rule that we happen to teach our children.



  1. indeed,a golden rule of co-existence. NO BAN ON ANY THING. yes,pba must contest against pemra. and also to put a clamp on dth ,which was glamly started by pemra and taking away the hard earning and bread from the cable operators. not only this , but also a lesson given and taught to pemra about tolerance,cultural existence and co-existence.because, pemra was and is the creation and toy of gen.pervaiz musharaf.


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