Peace award Masroor Jhangvi

Of course, there is a difference between Noble Peace Prize; an international award, and a peace award; that Pakistani Federal Govt. presents to anyone. The distinction is quite evident from the use of caps lock, but this small difference of typing technicality can never overcome the strong similarities.

Both honorees are from two opposite sides

Malala has an honor of receiving the noble peace prize, and she represents a mindset that totally opposes a militancy followed by the religious extremism, while Masroor Jhangvi controversial for its association with Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (banned outfits for allegedly committing the terrorist activities).

Their prize serves the same Kind of Purpose

After the Malala had been shot in her head, she received immense fame at international level. The girl amassed praise and appreciation from the International media and became an icon for the struggle against terrorism. The way world’s superpower America endorsed the Malala, many conservatives in Pakistan who believe that credit of entire terrorist activities in Pakistan goes to America, blamed the girl as their agent. For them, Awarding Peace Prize to the Malala was just a way to serve the American agenda

Now, the liberals who think that Pakistan government’s policies favor the terrorists have got a solid proof that Federal Government is hell bent on declaring those people as custodian of peace who is alleged for promoting sectarian violence in the country.

Exploitation of a Peace Award to prove the endorsees taintless

Finally, to confirm that both the people are working for the world where people live in harmony and they don’t have to work on any agenda rather than building a peaceful society both are bestowed with a peace award, whether on national or on an international level. So, whenever their opponents accuse them of being an agent of any alleged terrorist group both have a piece of peace to show.

Final Verdict

Now when the word peace has become tainted as everyone endorses it, we need another word to explain the agenda of creating a world free from turmoil.


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