PEC recognized degrees are globally accepted now


Washington Accord has finally accepted Pakistan Education Council (PEC) as a permanent member. This would help more than 2 lakh engineering students with PEC recognized degrees to find better job and study opportunities worldwide; especially in the United States and European countries.

In a conference held in Alaska, it was announced to make PEC a permanent member of Washington Accord after being a temporary member since 2011. Now, after matching with the international standards, PEC has officially become a member which will help the graduates to find jobs and to pursue their studies aboard without giving any additional tests.

Students can now easily apply for graduate and post graduate programs worldwide. Washington Accord is a signed agreement by the registered bodies of the countries which are its members, to allow engineers around the to practice professionally.

This requires it members to recognize the engineering education obtained at other member’s countries. This is a big milestone for Pakistan Education Council as it will allow the Pakistani engineers to go around the world to get further education and better job opportunities without any hurdle in their way.




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