Hum drama shows homosexual content

HUM TV received PEMRA’s show-cause notice for airing content on the subject of the homosexual relationship in its drama series Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain’s play Chewing gum that was aired on 29 January, from 9 to 10 PM.

PEMRA stated that such content was against our social and moral values in the name of entertainment as the audience had rejected it through its harsh criticism.

The authority said that team must have kept in mind the Supreme Court’s regulations and our social values while writing the dialogues and presenting it in the form of a TV drama. The release of the show reflects the negligence of channel’s administration from professional ethics and shows its nonserious attitude.

PEMRA has asked from the channel to tell what social services it wants to provide by dramatizing such subjects and even if the purpose was just fun and entertainment that bring into limelight the aspect that serves this purpose.

The notification also asked about the funding resources of drama by inquiring the actual motives and the administration by revealing whether channel used its personal financial resources or relied on some foreign funding.

The said drama that cast Sania Saeed, Farah Shah and Ejaz Aslam was criticized on social media for showing homosexual relationship between two girls.

In Chewing gum that was 40 minutes long play, Ejaz Aslam plays the role of Sania Saeed’s husband while Farah Shah who is Sania’s friend tries to cause separation between the couple.

Pakistani drama has always followed the tradition of highlighting the social issues, but it is not easy for the audience to digest certain taboos like the one talked about in the said drama.


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