fizzy drinks

We live in a state where us Punjabis cannot push a bolus of food down our throats without having a soft drink by our side, whether kids, adults or old people. And now suddenly, it has been reported in a reading newspaper that Punjab Food Authority is considering banning fizzy drinks like Coke, Fanta, Sprite, etc. for people under 18. Are we ready to accept this change?

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) initially banned fizzy drinks from being sold inside school canteens. It was a thoughtful initiative; however, children would buy these drinks from other shops and bring them to school for their lunch.

It has now been reported that PFA will be restricting everyone from selling minors these drinks like Pepsi. Children under 18 are still being sold cigarettes from tobacco shops, hence what guarantee do we have that these youngsters will not be sold these drinks by shopkeepers?


A single bottle of a fizzy drink such as Coke contains ten teaspoons of sugar. Some children become hyperactive after consuming too much sweet, which also leads to enhanced risks of getting diabetes and high sugar levels later in life. It’s better to make youngsters refrain from drinks like Coke which have serious health effects, such as obesity.

Some children get addicted to fizzy drinks due to high sugar and caffeine levels. They also have artificial sweeteners, too many chemicals, and they lack nutrients. The body may face chronic dehydration as a result of too much consumption.


It is definitely about time that these fizzy drinks are replaced with healthy drinks like orange juice or fruit milkshakes instead.

fizzy drinks

PFA has come up with three different food categories which will indicate what a child should consume as healthy food, and what a child should avoid.

1. Red category: This is the food which is dangerous for the health of a child, such as fizzy drinks.

2. Yellow category: This category involves the food items which can be given to children in minor quantities, such as biscuits and ice creams. But then again, famous ice cream brands were exposed a month ago where it was revealed that they are not indeed selling products which can actually be called “ice creams,” so parents need to be careful.

3. Green category: This category will involve the food items which are healthy for children to consume. Vegetables, fruits, salads, yogurt, eggs, etc. are included.

The youngsters will benefit from this initiative a lot if it is implemented successfully. The shop owners will be directed not to sell such carbonated drinks to people under 18 at all costs. These directives are expected to be implemented right after the summer holidays of this year.


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