Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan

It has been 69 years since Pakistan came into being, but many communities in Pakistan are still struggling to justify their existence and make themselves free from the atrocities of majorities. Decades-long persecution of Ahmadis puts testament on this fact.

The Same act of brutality was witnessed by a mob that attacked a place of worship belonging to Ahmadiyya community in Chakwal.  Thousands of citizens set the mosque on fire; that let a member of the community die because of heart attack, as he could not bear the sudden shock.

As a Pakistani, we harshly criticize the Indian atrocities in Kashmir, Israeli brutality in Palestine but we fail to reckon ourself for the violence we commit against the Ahmadiya community in pakistan.

Ironically, the attackers who claimed to be the lover and followers of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t bother to know what the actual teachings of their beloved prophet were. For sure, such acts of barbarianism and intolerance are strictly prohibited by the Islam.

12 Rabi-ul-Awal is the day when Muslim community across the globe celebrates the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). In the Pakistan, this event is celebrated more exuberantly, like houses, building, and streets are decorated with electric lights, and beautiful Naats, Qawalis are played on square through the sound system. Unfortunately, the same day has been used to spill over hatred and viciously target a community that is already vulnerable due to Pakistani laws.

Outlawing a group from the sphere Muslim community is another debate that is very much ambiguous, but for sure certain things are much clear and lack any gray areas. Violence, persecution, and targeting any minority merely by the difference in view is highly condemnable; No civilized society should allow such acts of brutality. Even, the laws that can make any citizens of the state more vulnerable to violence and victim of bigotry must be reviewed more rationally so that state can fulfill its role as a guardian of its citizen’s rights rather than making them fall prey to intolerance of the majority.

At last, the government finally decided after a long time to acknowledge the achievements of Pakistan’s Noble Laureate in Physics Dr. Abdus Salam by giving his name to the Quaid-e-Azam University’s Physics department. This act of the government was also opposed by the Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani, the Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) without citing any solid reasons. This shows that Pakistani society is hell bent on persecuting the Ahmadis also because the constitution outlaws the community from being a Muslim.

Here Pakistani state and society both need to reconsider whether there laws and behaviors are supporting enough to allow peaceful enviornment to prosper where all the communities can live in harmonoy or not.


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